Connect your Experience. Submission open! Get in touch to find out how to add your voice to this project.


There are three ways to get involved: email us to find out more about submission guidelines, but briefly they are: 

Written submissions are open for first hand experience recounts


write a letter from your heart addressed to another bereaved parent


Click through to the link below to take a short questionnaire

Thank you !

This WA lead literature project aims to explore themes around stillbirth and newborn death, by inviting input from bereaved parents that are able to contribute and share their stories.

 The projects goal is to widen the conversation around Stillbirth by listening to those that have lived experience, while also exploring deeper themes, taboos and real world experiences that surround these events. 

 If you feel this is a project you or someone you know could contribute to please click on the link below and contact The Still Life Project for further information 

 You will also find the link to a quick questionnaire. This questionnaire is an important tool in helping broaden the range of voices we hear on topics surrounding Stillbirth today. 

 It may be your voice, or your suggestion that resonates with another parent in the future. By supporting each other our voices are stronger and our reach is wider. 

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